Microsoft Azure

Always Free

Cosmos DB, App Srv, Functions, Logic, Security Ctr, DevOps, VPN, VS Code, ...

Costs would be $6.31 per month

$4.99 per month for SQL database using resource: randyscott777_resgroup ($1.99 for SQL 'Test' database, $.53 for storage, ___________)

$1.32 per month for storage using resource: ubuntu-for-vs2017-cpp-testing (C++ console app)- to eliminate???

Azure Portal

URL is ""

Login is (Expired), now using to

Services and Functions

Note: The free tier deletes itself after 1 year

Blob Containerscontainer - blobStatic image - WisdomWay.jpgExpires 12/16/22
SQL DatabasesTestPersonID,FirstName,LastName,Address,City database w VSExpired
App ServicesAzure Function HelloEnable to test http trigger Hello functionExpired
App ServicesBasic, List, Ajax FunctionsApp Service - Web function w VSExpired
App ServicesWeb Apps InventoryApp Service - VS App InventoryExpired
App ServicesThis Web DirectoryApp Service - this app w VSExpired
Virtual MachinesWindowsStart, then Connect via RDP - shutdown /sExpired
Virtual MachinesLinuxStart, then SSH to IP - logout, Stop to deallocExpired

Azure storage - containers - blob

click for pic

Azure App from Visual Studio

Create the way normally

Publish to Azure - App Service

Creating a SQL Database on Azure

SQL Database service

Connect - Open With: Visual Studio - Add database Test

List external tables - Add new table - Person

Read Test/Persons Database in C#

Aspx - asp:GridView1

Read Books/books Database in C#

Aspx - asp:GridView2